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The New York City Charter requires that each Borough President maintain a topographical bureau and borough engineer. The primary responsibility of the Brooklyn Topographical Bureau is to maintain the Borough Map and to furnish copies of the Map and related data to City agencies and the general public.
Specific tasks include preparing changes to the Map for street improvements; assigning address numbers to new buildings; assigning new and/or additional addresses to existing buildings; verifying block, lot and address information for existing buildings; maintaining a system of benchmarks and monuments that are required to survey grade and elevation conditions; researching the history of Brooklyn’s streets and sidewalks; and responding to engineering matters related to public improvement projects or construction matters.

Breakdowns of some of these tasks are as follows:

The Topographical Bureau reviews all City Planning Commission ULURP (Uniformed Land Use Review Procedure) mappings. Whenever an alteration to the city map is made, our office reviews the map change to make sure that the map conforms to the standards set by our office.

The Topographical Bureau has jurisdiction of the assignment, verification and enforcement of all addresses within the borough. Applicants can apply for new or additional addresses, or they can come in to verify their address. Most applicants are professional engineers or architects working on behalf of a property owner who is having work done on their property and need to receive a new address or verify the address to their property. Addresses are assigned based on entrance location, then sequentially, odd or even. Addresses assigned should be displayed prominently on the street entrance of the structure. Vanity addresses (addresses that do not conform to the regular addressing system established) may also be assigned as long as they do not conflict with the surrounding area both in location and addressing.

The Topographical Bureau provides surveyors with Benchmarks and Monuments in order to help them accurately survey a person’s property. This information provides both horizontal and vertical control, which allows the surveyor to find the city’s property line in relation to the private owner’s property line.

PLEASE NOTE: The Topographical Bureau is transitioning away from the appointment system and opening to the public. The hours noted below are being strictly enforced, so please be mindful of how much time your situation may require and arrive with plenty of lead time.

Topographical Bureau Open Hours:

9:30am – 11:45am /
1pm – 2:45pm

9:30am – 11:45am /
1pm – 2:45pm

9:30am – 11:45am / 1pm – 2:45pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: CLOSED

Brooklyn Borough Hall
Topographical Bureau Staff

Tel: (718) 802-3919
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Ms. Kellie O’Brien
Deputy Director
Tel: (718) 802-3989
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Ms. Jessica Kallo
Office Manager
Tel: (718) 802-3813
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