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Brooklyn Borough Hall is soliciting ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) applications for Brooklyn based non-profit organizations who demonstrate expertise and a proven track record in providing services as described in provider contract requirements sections of this document.

The mission of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is to increase civic engagement and participation through a youth-centered platform, designed and centered around youth priorities across Brooklyn. Founding pillars guiding the programmatic structure and goals of the YAC are:

Advocacy: Promoting youth to learn and educate others around critical public issues; develop their own opinions; and effectively organize around issues and voice concerns. Promoting a 21st century ready citizen for the betterment of Brooklyn.

Policy: Promoting students’ understanding of law and rules that govern their lives and empower youth to change these systems through policy change. Providing institutional power to call upon external stakeholders to influence change.

Service: Promoting the advancement of civic learning and creating a community connection through collective problem solving in a grassroots approach. Furthering youth experiencing and contributing to valuable character development.

YAC would be responsible for output deliverables aligned with relevant civics education and studies. Outputs may include YAC publishing an annual Policy Agenda, a service-learning project, participation at a public City Council Hearing, holding a Borough-Teen Summit, and more. In partnership with Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South High School Superintendent Offices, we hope to convene in total 24 students, juniors and seniors, from across Community School districts monthly.

Our office will be accepting applications until Monday, April 22nd, 2024.

To apply, please access our digital application and completely answer all questions.

All inquiries and correspondence pertaining to this solicitation are to be directed to the attention of:

Donavan Swanson

Education and Engagement Policy Analyst

O: 718-802-3854

E: [email protected]