Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso’s Vision for a Healthier, More Equitable Borough

Download the Comprehensive Plan for Brooklyn

Download the Comprehensive Plan for Brooklyn Executive Summary


Zoning isn’t planning. For too long, NYC decision-makers have been forced to make choices about development proposals and resource allocations without greater context. 

The Comprehensive Plan for Brooklyn is a data-driven vision for a more equitable future for our borough. The Plan focuses on many issues that Brooklynites face everyday, including the dual crises of Public Health and Housing.


Planning, housing, and public health are deeply connected. Our communities’ well-being is dictated by how we use our land, allocate our funding, and administer our programs.

Comprehensive planning can begin to address the stark disparities in health outcomes across our borough.  ​


In the last 10 years, the majority of new development has been concentrated in a handful of Brooklyn neighborhoods, while other areas of the borough have created almost no new housing. Meanwhile, the median household income varies tremendously across the borough with a difference of nearly $125,000 between parts of Park Slope and parts of Brownsville.

Read Borough President Reynoso’s Comprehensive Plan for Brooklyn to learn more about the problem’s facing Brooklyn and the Borough President’s proposed solutions.