Astrid Cuas
Direktè bidjè kapital ak depans

imèl: [email protected]

telefòn: (718) 802 – 3700

Finansman Depans pou Depans pou Depans

Biwo Brooklyn Borough prezidan Antonio Reynoso se kounye a aksepte aplikasyon pou finansman pou sipòte òganizasyon yo ak pwogram yo ak / oswa evènman ki dirèkteman sipòte minisipalite Brooklyn ak rezidan li yo.

Aplike lè l sèvi avèk Aplikasyon pou Finansman Depans pou Depans.

Fòm sa a se Brooklyn Prezidan Antonio Reynoso depans pou Finansman Depans pou Finansman. Tanpri itilize fòm sa a pou soumèt tout demann finansman ki gen rapò ak pwogramasyon ak sèvis pou ONG.

Fiscal Year 2024 Capital Application

The Capital Funding application for the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso is currently closed for Fiscal Year 2024. This page will be updated with the Fiscal Year 2025 application once the new capital cycle has started.

Capital funding is used to make improvements across the Borough by creating new infrastructure and by improving existing assets.

Capital funding requests can be allocated to parks, streets, schools, hospitals, economic development and affordable housing projects, cultural institutions, and other non-profit organizations.

Eligibility Review

Additional Resources

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Not for Profit – Department of Design and Construction (

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